Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tips Design

In dresses design elements and design principles let attention. Both of these elements will determine how the fashion design that we created. With the design elements we can see the shape of the design that we created and with due regard to the principles of design, a design that we can create a more beautiful and perfect.

In fashion design every element of the work that we pour or let easy to read or understand the design by others and in accordance with the person who will wear it. This is important because every person has a body shape that is not the same so as to cover the shortfall or excess accentuate sipemakai we can use the elements and principles of design at the top.

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The line is the first element that is very important in the design because the lines we can generate an attractive fashion design in addition to other design elements.

The line of clothing that need to be considered in the form of a silhouette of clothing or outdoor clothing lines and line parts clothing such as a collar, sleeves, decorative lines (lines princes, empire lines, etc.) and others

Silhouette of clothing made ​​let sipemakai adapted to the shape of the body and in accordance with the current fashion trends. As for those who were thin silhouette I should not use because it gives the impression of thinner, and vice versa let overweight people avoid clothing with a silhouette of S for the waves added to give the impression of fattening clothing. So is the color and texture as well as other elements. Color and texture needs to be adapted to many factors such as skin color, usage occasions, body shape and others. So any nature or character of each element can be used to cover flaws and highlight the advantages of the wearer.

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