Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Usaha lele menjanjikan

Salah satu bisnis yang cukup menarik adalah bisnis olahan lele. Sepertinya bisnis ini tampak sepele, namun bisnis ini akan menjadi bisnis yang menjanjikan apabila anda serius untuk menggeletinya. Ada beberapa tips yang perlu anda siapkan untuk memulai bisnis ini. Jika ingin menggeluti bisnis ini maka anda tidak perlu membuat kolam untuk pembesaran lele.

Pasokan bahan baku harus selalu diperhatikan supaya produksi tetap berjalan lancar. Sedikit ilustrasi, untuk mendapatkan abon lele sebanyak 3,5 kilo maka diperlukan bahan baku sebanyak 10 kilo ikan lele. Bahan baku tersebut dapat diperoleh dari pengusaha ternak lele, biasanya kalau kita membeli langsung dari petani maka harganya akan relative lebih murah. Selain itu, pasokan lele juga terjamin. Pilihlah pemasok lele yang baik supaya kebutuhan bahan baku anda tetap terjaga.

Harah per kilo yang dijual peternak berkisar 10.000 hingga 10.500. pemasok ikan lele relative banyak sehingga harga cenderung stabil. Jika anda sudah memperoleh pemasok lele yang baik, setelah itu baiknya anda mulai memikirkan akan memproduksi apa? Banyak sekali jenis produk yang dapat diolah dengan bahan dasar lele. Ikan lele ini cenderung tidak terlalu amis sehingga sehingga mudah diolah menjadi berbagai macam jenis olahan. Untuk informasi lebih detal mengenai berbagai macam bisnis makanan dapat anda klik disini.

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Tips & tricks macro photography

Some tips & tricks macro photography of insects and flowers.

~ Learn / read faces than objects:

At the moment the macro photographing insects, make a photo when she was posing, wait for the moment when they will be glued to the insect eye lens.

When photographing flowers, pay attention and look for the best interest of the appearance of TSB. Do you have to take the angle as a whole, or only needed a small portion like pistils or stamens.

Experiment with different directions and anglenya.

~ Background is clean:

Try semaksimalnya BG / background was clean / simple supporting POInya. If want to get the BG black (other colors) can be circumvented by using colored cloth as BGnya.

~ Avoid Wind:

Macro shooting when the wind is blowing sia2 thing, because we will get the results that blur, can also be handled by adjusting the shutter speed is fast, but as much as possible avoid macro shooting when the wind was blowing so it will make a wobble on objectnya.

~ Patience waiting for the right moment:

At the time of hunting / hunting insects in particular macro, try to remain silent so that everything does not attract the attention of insects TSB.

If we are going to approach the object, keep the movements we do not make the insects they will run away leaving us.

And when photographing insects attached to the flowers, looking for the right position at the time she was sucking honey or when he came out of the flower is a very good moment to be immortalized.

~ Hold your breath when pressing the camera shutter.

Make a position such as a triangle between your arms and elbows pinned kedada we will strengthen the grip of the camera, coupled with holding their breath for a moment at the time of pressing the camera shutter will reduce the possibility of camera shake and can avoid the images that blur / shake.

~ Extra light:

Although extras like a flash light is not recommended, but if using a diffuser or light absorbers on a flash will make the picture smoother and will not terlau harsh contrast generated on objectnya.

Avoid direct flash, or add difusser on flash, or use the bounce technique to get the dimensions of the object.

This paper is my sharing of the experiences I have gained since June 10, 2006, the time when I joined this site beloved photography.

The point I got from various w / shop, books, and also the experience of other colleagues who had already mastered the science of macro photography.

There is no intention to patronize rekan2 all, because there are still many shortcomings that I have compared to the seniors who have long been in the world of macro photography.

All the examples of photos that exist in this article is the result of since I joined this site.

Rekan2 may be useful for fellow lovers of photography, especially macro world and the words I say thank you on its readiness to read this article and I beg ma'af when this article is far from perfect. Click here! more information

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Model Clothing, Design Clothes

Trendy fashions has always been a dream of every fashion enthusiast and this has always been associated with women. However, not only the consumers are preoccupied with fashion trend, fashion experts did not want to miss and they like usually predict about the fashion trend for the next few years.

You need to know, although the year 2012 is still several months away, apparently fashion experts fashions seudah busy preparing for what will appear in the year 2013 or later and not even just a matter of just a model, but also includes materials that will become a trend and color was also not want to miss.

Highlighting the movement it has become a fashion model activity fashion experts, tertuma of the famous designers who often exhibit their works in New York, Milan or Paris is in fact believed to be the center of the fashion world. Based on the experience of experts in forecasting fashion trends fashion for the foreseeable future, they will make a summary which contains a summary of the colors, materials, fashion models, silhouettes and other supporting components such as accessories which can complement the appearance. A summary that would later be used as the basis for forecasting the trend of fashion in the next year.

Got a little glimpse of the fashion experts, that in the year 2013 will appear fashions with soft colors that will create a sense of calm, satisfied and comfortable to wear. In terms of materials used, estimated in the year 2013 there will be a lot of use of materials from natural organic fibers seen this year has been a lot of people who drive a loving environment activities. Fashion models in 2013 will also be colored by the flirtatious models, carefree but still have sentuhanfeminim.

Seeing this opportunity, of course, the producers are getting ready to perform activities for the production of the latest fashions so early breakthrough info from fashion experts were very helpful both for the producers themselves mapun for fashion experts.

So little information that can be conveyed to you all the admin. Hopefully some of the above description of the fashions can help you and hopefully useful. For more details check here

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tips to Make Plus Sizes

Ways to make a Dress Size Large:

1 Turn the dress inside out to expose the original stitching. Measure the wearer's waist and hips and record numbers. Measure waist and hip circumference area of ​​the dress and record the number. Subtract two numbers of measurements. The difference is how much clothes should fit properly issued.

2 Calculate a quarter of the amount needed to make the dress fit. For example, if the number of the first step is 1 inch, add 1/4 inch for the front and the back of the dress, using tailor's chalk to mark each side of the dress.

3 Remove the previous layer of stitches on both sides of the dress with a seam ripper. Removing only the area that is being changed. Sew a new layer by following the chalk lines with a thread that matches the color of the dress. 

4 Press the new seam to one side with an iron. Read settings before placing the iron on the fabric. If the fabric is silk or delicate fabrics suppress the use of fabric and iron.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Indonesia is a country with a hot tropical climate. This climate is causing us to sweat. To support the climate of each region people would have the means to protect themselves that may have existed for generations. This self-protection mechanism can be attributed to a residence, type of food, as well as the manner and form of clothing. Well, for the tropics own characteristics appropriate clothing is clothing that can absorb sweat well. Slah one ingredient that meets these criteria is a cotton fabric.

Cotton is the fabric that we can easily find the fabric stores. Cain is also the price is not so expensive. Another advantage of this cotton is relatively easy maintenance. Characteristics of cotton fabrics, among others, the material feels a little cold and stiff, wrinkle, easy to absorb sweat, clothing / fabric will be damaged if immersed more than 2 hours in the detergent, as well as susceptible to fungus.

After identifying the characteristics of cotton cloth, let's look at the models of cotton cloth. This fabric is very flexible for any form, ranging from t-shirts, clothing Muslim, Muslim party dress up models cotton. For dresses, cotton generally only be used as a mixture or combination. Cotton is also widely used to make models of cotton abaya. This robe is even popular and is still commonly found in Muslim clothing boutiques.

Besides the good of the cotton fabric, cotton fabric also has a special characteristic is the reference treatment regimen cotton dress shirt. For example, cotton cloth easily moldy, therefore, do not let the wet cotton without dried or aerated. It also should not be stored in damp areas. Secondly, cotton fabric wrinkle, so it needs to be ironed out first. Volume disesuaikanm irons on cotton button. Third is not too long soaked with ditergen, because it causes the fabric easily damaged.

Cotton is suitable for use by people who live in countries with tropical climates such as Indonesia. Cotton cloth easily formed into a variety of models prom dresses. There are many characteristics of cotton cloth. It is this characteristic that will underlie how to take care of this kind of fabric.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Metode pembelajaran inovatif (Kreatif)

Sekarang ini sering kita melihat anak didik mengalami kesulitan dalam belajar. Khususnya untuk mata pelajaran Matematika. Pelajaran ini menjadi momok yang menakutkan bagi siswa. Banyak siswa yang menyatakan bahwa matematika bukanlah pelajaran yang menyenangkan. Mereka beranggapan bahwa mata pelajaran matematika yang mereka terima tidak menarik. Guru menyampaikan materi tidak menghubungkan dengan keadaan yang nyata yang ada dilingkungan siswa. Hal ini yang menyebabkan siswa menjadi cepat bosan. Jadi pelajaran matematika ini terkesan seperti pelajaran abstrask.

Mata pelajaran matematika memiliki citra yang tidak baik di mata siswa. Siswa lebih suka terhadap pelajaran yang berisi materi yang menarik,biasanya materi yang ada kaitanya dengan kehidupan nyata. Pelajaran matematika harusnya dikemas sedemikian rupa supaya menjadi mata pelajaran yang menarik dan menyenangkan.

Pembelajaran inovatif adalah pembelajaran dengan konsep yan menyenangkan. Learing is fun merupakan isi dari pembelajaran inovatif. Jika dalam diri siswa sudah tertanam hal ini maka siswa tidak akan pasif di dalam kelas. Rasa bosan akan muncul bila siswa diberi tekanan terhadap tenggat waktu untuk tugas, adanya kegagalan, dan terbatasnya pilihan.

Membangun metode pembelajaran yang inovatif dilakukan dengan cara menampung semua karakteristik diri siswa. Maksudnya adalah disesuaikan dengan kemampuan masing-masing siswa. Kemampuan siswa tentu saja berbeda-beda, contohnya ada siswa yang mempunya kelebihan menyerap ilmu dengan visual (melihat), audio (mendengar), dan kinestetik.

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