Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tips to Make Plus Sizes

Ways to make a Dress Size Large:

1 Turn the dress inside out to expose the original stitching. Measure the wearer's waist and hips and record numbers. Measure waist and hip circumference area of ​​the dress and record the number. Subtract two numbers of measurements. The difference is how much clothes should fit properly issued.

2 Calculate a quarter of the amount needed to make the dress fit. For example, if the number of the first step is 1 inch, add 1/4 inch for the front and the back of the dress, using tailor's chalk to mark each side of the dress.

3 Remove the previous layer of stitches on both sides of the dress with a seam ripper. Removing only the area that is being changed. Sew a new layer by following the chalk lines with a thread that matches the color of the dress. 

4 Press the new seam to one side with an iron. Read settings before placing the iron on the fabric. If the fabric is silk or delicate fabrics suppress the use of fabric and iron.

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