Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tips & tricks macro photography

Some tips & tricks macro photography of insects and flowers.

~ Learn / read faces than objects:

At the moment the macro photographing insects, make a photo when she was posing, wait for the moment when they will be glued to the insect eye lens.

When photographing flowers, pay attention and look for the best interest of the appearance of TSB. Do you have to take the angle as a whole, or only needed a small portion like pistils or stamens.

Experiment with different directions and anglenya.

~ Background is clean:

Try semaksimalnya BG / background was clean / simple supporting POInya. If want to get the BG black (other colors) can be circumvented by using colored cloth as BGnya.

~ Avoid Wind:

Macro shooting when the wind is blowing sia2 thing, because we will get the results that blur, can also be handled by adjusting the shutter speed is fast, but as much as possible avoid macro shooting when the wind was blowing so it will make a wobble on objectnya.

~ Patience waiting for the right moment:

At the time of hunting / hunting insects in particular macro, try to remain silent so that everything does not attract the attention of insects TSB.

If we are going to approach the object, keep the movements we do not make the insects they will run away leaving us.

And when photographing insects attached to the flowers, looking for the right position at the time she was sucking honey or when he came out of the flower is a very good moment to be immortalized.

~ Hold your breath when pressing the camera shutter.

Make a position such as a triangle between your arms and elbows pinned kedada we will strengthen the grip of the camera, coupled with holding their breath for a moment at the time of pressing the camera shutter will reduce the possibility of camera shake and can avoid the images that blur / shake.

~ Extra light:

Although extras like a flash light is not recommended, but if using a diffuser or light absorbers on a flash will make the picture smoother and will not terlau harsh contrast generated on objectnya.

Avoid direct flash, or add difusser on flash, or use the bounce technique to get the dimensions of the object.

This paper is my sharing of the experiences I have gained since June 10, 2006, the time when I joined this site beloved photography.

The point I got from various w / shop, books, and also the experience of other colleagues who had already mastered the science of macro photography.

There is no intention to patronize rekan2 all, because there are still many shortcomings that I have compared to the seniors who have long been in the world of macro photography.

All the examples of photos that exist in this article is the result of since I joined this site.

Rekan2 may be useful for fellow lovers of photography, especially macro world and the words I say thank you on its readiness to read this article and I beg ma'af when this article is far from perfect. Click here! more information

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