Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Indonesia is a country with a hot tropical climate. This climate is causing us to sweat. To support the climate of each region people would have the means to protect themselves that may have existed for generations. This self-protection mechanism can be attributed to a residence, type of food, as well as the manner and form of clothing. Well, for the tropics own characteristics appropriate clothing is clothing that can absorb sweat well. Slah one ingredient that meets these criteria is a cotton fabric.

Cotton is the fabric that we can easily find the fabric stores. Cain is also the price is not so expensive. Another advantage of this cotton is relatively easy maintenance. Characteristics of cotton fabrics, among others, the material feels a little cold and stiff, wrinkle, easy to absorb sweat, clothing / fabric will be damaged if immersed more than 2 hours in the detergent, as well as susceptible to fungus.

After identifying the characteristics of cotton cloth, let's look at the models of cotton cloth. This fabric is very flexible for any form, ranging from t-shirts, clothing Muslim, Muslim party dress up models cotton. For dresses, cotton generally only be used as a mixture or combination. Cotton is also widely used to make models of cotton abaya. This robe is even popular and is still commonly found in Muslim clothing boutiques.

Besides the good of the cotton fabric, cotton fabric also has a special characteristic is the reference treatment regimen cotton dress shirt. For example, cotton cloth easily moldy, therefore, do not let the wet cotton without dried or aerated. It also should not be stored in damp areas. Secondly, cotton fabric wrinkle, so it needs to be ironed out first. Volume disesuaikanm irons on cotton button. Third is not too long soaked with ditergen, because it causes the fabric easily damaged.

Cotton is suitable for use by people who live in countries with tropical climates such as Indonesia. Cotton cloth easily formed into a variety of models prom dresses. There are many characteristics of cotton cloth. It is this characteristic that will underlie how to take care of this kind of fabric.

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