Friday, November 14, 2014

Media Learning Mathematics

Props are always used by teachers in the learning of mathematics. Using props students to easily understand the material presented to teachers. Therefore, it is better to be a math teacher mengenelai media types in mathematics.

There are 5 types of classes in mathematics, including:

1. 2-dimensional media without the projection, the type is to use it without the projector and there are only two sizes of the length and width. An example is the temple board, note board, and the board fanel.

2. 3-dimensional media without the projection, the type to use it without the projector and have the length, width and height are not thin. Examples are the puppets and real objects.

3. The medium projection, the media in use using the projector. For example, slides, films and film strips.

4. Television and video tape recorder, which is the same type of media such as audio tape recorders and radios. What distinguishes the radio is a radio transmitter only use it while ringing tones and picture tv emits. Video tape recorder was used to record the sound. While TV is a tool used to view pictures and listen to the sounds in the distance.

The purpose of the use of props or media learning is to maximize the students' senses. This will increase the effectiveness of student learning, hearing, seeing, feeling and using the mind to think logically and realistically.

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